Planning a Visit to Vietnam?

If you are interested in arranging a trip to visit the country of Vietnam with our organization we have prepared a document that details everything you will need to help you prepare as well as some guidelines for while you are there. The best times for visits are the month of March, the last two weeks of July through the first two weeks of August, and the month of November. Restricting visits to these time frames assures that visitors will be able to see the work while causing as little disruption as possible for our staff in Vietnam and the continual work that is being done. Once you have read through our documentation on planning a trip you can contact our US office to check on availability and scheduling. We ask that you provide us with a preferred date and an alternate as this will help us streamline communication and find a date that works best for all parties involved. In regards to a trip, email communication is preferred to help keep details in order, but you are also welcome to call our office at the number provided. We are grateful for our faithful sponsors and donors and their interest in the work in Vietnam!

Contact Us for More Information:

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