Hope Houses

What is a Hope House?

When an orphan or orphaned siblings qualify for the SEAOF program the extended family of the orphaned children deed a piece of property suitable to them. On this property a house is constructed by SEAOF for the children and their guardian. These houses are called “Hope Houses.”

The Construction

Our own Vietnamese construction crew handles each project. A standard house plan has been developed over time taking into consideration the common standard of living, the climate, and the basic needs of the children. While good ventilation is necessary the houses never need heat because the climate is always warm. Most of their time is spent outdoors so the house needs not to be large. Made of brick, stucco, and concrete, the houses are different from the house you're probably used to but they meet the needs of the children quite well and are many times better than their previous living conditions.

The Dedication

The funds to construct each Hope House is donated by groups or individuals who desire to help. A plaque is placed on each house with the name of the group or individual who's donation made the house possible; or a name in whose honor or memory the donation was made. We make every effort to accommodate the requested plaque inscription from our donors.

The Expense

The cost to construct a single Hope House is currently $2,200 (or $2,500 if you wish to provide furniture as well). This amount provides the materials and labor necessary to complete the house and prepare it for the orphans and their guardian to move in. Again, the houses are not elaborate, but they are sufficient to provide a clean, dry shelter in which the orphans can sleep, eat, and live. For detailed information concerning the donating of funds to construct a Hope House please see the "Programs" page.